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Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is

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Buy Local

BUY LOCAL Lynchburg is dedicated to promoting locally owned retail establishments and service providers. It helps fuel the local economy and preserve the unique character of our area. Many studies have been conducted about the importance of buying local and supporting your neighbors. Local businesses are the largest source of new jobs across the country and help keep money circulating locally.

Excellent Customer Service

How good do you feel when you walk into a store and the employees welcome you and call you by your name? Want something that isn’t in stock? Quite frequently it can be ordered and in the store within days.

Is your non-profit hosting an event and you need sponsorships? When you approach a local business, you go right to the source. No need to place a request and wait for corporate headquarters to review it and make a decision.

Should You or Shouldn’t You?

We are not against nationally owned stores. They also add to a community, supplying jobs, hiring local people, and paying taxes. We are only asking our consumers to be aware of their spending habits, and make a conscious effort to shift a portion of their normal spending to locally owned businesses.

It won’t take long before you find yourself looking for the independent businesses that make our community truly unique. You’ll be amazed at the resources you find.

Partner with RMA to enhance your visibility and to preserve the life, vitality, and uniqueness of our community.

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