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Lynchburg Retail Merchants Association Planning New Branding Campaign

By Carleigh Griffeth - WSET
Lynchburg, VA- The Retail Merchants Association of Lynchburg is gearing up for round two of their 'buy local' campaign. The campaign started in 2010 and now it's getting revamped.

Laurie Gulluscio, the Director of Marketing and Membership at RMA, says they couldn't be more excited to unveil their new branding campaign. She says the designs are edgy and contemporary, and the slogans are catchy.

This is just a sneak peek; the full campaign will be revealed at their Local Business Expo next month.

"We will be, um, unveiling phase two of our buy local campaign, which is a brand new facelift from Stone Blue Productions, a local company here that has volunteered to help us out with this campaign," said Gulluscio.

Gulluscio says the RMA is trying to appeal to younger generations with this campaign, like college students who have heard the phrase 'buy local' but don't exactly know what it means.

"Generally what you'll find--we've done some polls--is they do think it's agricultural, it means buying a tomato at the farmer's market. And, that is not all 'buy local' is about. Agriculture has its own movement all together," she said.

Gulluscio says this revamped campaign is just as much about educating consumers about what it means to 'buy local,' as it is about advertising locally-owned stores.

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